High Voltage Electrical Safety

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Arc flash - safety class E helmet with shield

EN397: 2012+A1 2012, EN50365: 2002, EN166: 2001, GS-ET-29: 2011, ANSI/ISEA Z89.1:2014

Operating temperature: -30 ºC  to +50ºC

weight 710g

Helmet made of  ABS, additionally equipped with a face shield with visor made of polycarbonate with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The helmet is adjustable in 1mm increments for 53-63 cm head circumference and offers two-point height adjustment. Helmet provides protection against electric shock:

H058S-1 ARC-W1 (ABS) Class 0 (according to EN 50365: 2002) and Class E (according to ANSI / ISEA Z89.1: 2014)


The helmet is designed to protect the head against mechanical shock and head and eyes against electrical hazards that occur during live working and work at height. The helmet is resistant to lateral deformation and splashes of molten metal. Face shield protects the eyes against the effects of UV radiation (code 2-1.2), liquid splashes and molten metal, hot solids and arc (class 1 – box test), which may occur during live working and while performing switch point. The face shield is also resistant to impact of particles of medium energy. Face shield has an internal coating for protection against fogging and an outer scratch-resistant and resistance to damage by fine particles. The visor has a light transmission factor of VLT >75% (class 0) in accordance with European standards.


Period of usage 5 years

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